Ulrike Engel private family research

Baden, Palatinate, Odenwald, Württemberg

Ulrike Engel Private Family Research

Australia, Canada, Switzerland, USA

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Dear Visitor

My husband and I are genealogy enthusiasts.

That's me, Ulrike Engel neé. Spieß and my husband, Gerhard Bauch.

Here is my person profile : Ulrike Spiess

Two persons are related to each other, when they have at least one common ancestor, that's why we first of all focus on ancestral research. Starting from an earliest known ancestor we work back towards the present, and try to find out as many relatives as possible .

It happens from time to time, that somebody else has found the same person as a relative, as we have found.

That's exactly the purpose of this web site: finding new relatives.

This web site represents the current status of our research.

Please look around, and if you think, that we are related to each other please let us know.

GEDCOMs containing family data are always welcome.
Update Log:
11 NOV 2020
Searchable TNG Database
18 OCT 2020
Several thousand Hauser descendants, Switzerland and USA
04 JUL 2020
Several thousand Tschantz descendants, Switzerland and USA
22 MAY 2020
3000 Obrist Descendants in Switzerland and USA.
06 APR 2020
more than 2000 Pfister descendants from Oftersheim.
24 MAR 2020
several hundred new relatives in the USA.
24 FEB 2020
approx. 800 Knauber descendants.
19 FEB 2020
approx. 1500 Pfister descendants.
30 JAN 2020
approx. 4000 relatives added, majorly from Sandhausen.
30 DEC 2019
new earliest known ancestor: "Häfeli" from Switzerland, more than 1000 descendants, majorly in Sandhausen.
12 DEC 2019
general data correction and completion.
04 DEC 2019
added about 100 relatives from Heddesheim.
added about 150 relatives from Nußloch.
added about 30 relatives from Australia.
26 NOV 2019
added more than 300 relatives from Hockenheim.
22 NOV 2019
added more than 200 relatives from Wieblingen.
17 NOV 2019
Kippenhan Emigrants have been added (Source: Homepage of Allan Wessel).
01 NOV 2019
First Edition.
Your Family Data.
When you share with us vital data about you and your family, we add those data to our database. Publications are created as lined out in the Imprint.

We assume, that you have no objections, that proven relatives are allowed to know your name, when and where you are born and which way you are related to us (who your ancestors are).